Window scantlings

Pinewood window scantlings

Our company produces high quality window scantlings. We manufacture them from  first quality pine wood. During this production process window scantlings go through advanced technical process. Pinewood is converted into boards, which are connected along. Then they are planed and laminated to a size our customer requested. This whole process is accompanied by strict quality control. That is why our window scantlings work perfectly to further wood processing.

Window scantlings – technical information


Type of wood




13% +/-2%


Type of glue




1st grade



solid or laminated

Combined window scantlings

This type of scantlings is characterized by bonds of finger joints in all layers: internal and external. They can be available in many quality classes in terms of acceptable defects and length between next seams.

Default technical information:

  • Type of wood: pine Humidity: 13% +/-2%,
  • Type of glue: D4, EPI,
  • Length of the elements: 200, 400, 800 mm
  • Length: 6000 mm,
  • Quality: 1st grade.

Solid window scantlings

Solid window scantlings are characterized by external layers, which are produced in lumber mill in it’s full length and laminated in that form. Solid window scantling is very hard to source, and that’s what makes it a good for the most demanding clients.

Default technical information:

  • Type of wood: pine,
  • Humidity: 13% +/-2%,
  • Type of glue: D4, EPI,
  • Length: 1000 – 4500 mm,
  • Quality: 1st grade.

Certified window scantlings

All of our timber products are characterized by high quality. Moreover, they are laminated according to strict norms. They also hold FSC 100% certificate. It means that every raw material we use to make our products, meets all FSC criteria.

ENVUN Window scantlings

Our window scantlings made from pinewood are glued with two high quality glues:

D4 ‒ waterproof glue; works well to connect all wooden and wood-like elements; it fills in well all roughness;

Epi Glue ‒ high quality glue, resistant to very humid weather conditions; it gives an opportunity to glue wood with 15%-16% of humidity, what lowers the risk of  wood’s swelling. It is also more resistant to decaying and delamination.



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