Steel profiles

ENVUN is one of the largest producers and one of the most valued wholesalers of steel products. We specialize in trading steel pipes. Our steel pipes are made of the highest quality materials. That’s why our customers are always satisfied.

Glued pine wood

ENVUN is one of the largest producers of glued wood, we can offer you many wooden products. Pine is currently one of the most widely used materials. Currently, we produce door scantlings, window scantlings, as well as boards, strips and pine accessories from this wood.

We deliver within the EU

10 years on the market

/ Steel profiles

Our offer includes cold-formed closed profiles in black and galvanized

/ Steel pipes


/ Pellet

Our wood products are characterized by high quality

/ Door scantling

Door scantlings made of pine wood

/ Window scantling

Window scantlings made of pine wood

/ Special elements

Special elements made of pine wood

ENVUN certified wood

All our wooden products are of high quality. Moreover, they are laminated according to rigorous standards. They are also FSC 100% certified. This means that every raw material we use to produce our products meets all FSC criteria.

Our offer includes the following pine wood products:

  • Window scantling
  • Door scantling
  • Laminated boards
  • Wooden products

ENVUN has been operating on the market since January 2, 2013. Our main activity is trade in metallurgical products (steel pipes and profiles) and pine wood products (square timber, glued blocks, window joinery). In addition, we also provide transport services within the European Union.

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