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Steel Pipes - ENVUN

Steel Pipes

Steel pipes 


The ENVUN company is one of the biggest producers as well as one of the most valued wholesalers of metallurgical products. We specialize in trade of steel pipes. Our steel pipes are made of the highest quality materials. That is why our customers are always satisfied.

We offer black steel pipes and galvanized steel pipes. We sell our products in all countries of European Union. The metal pipes we suggest for you are made of western steal. They work perfectly for welding and galvanizing. In our current offer you can find steel pipes of 1st and 2nd grade. Upon our customer’s request we cut steel pipes to size provided by them earlier. Thanks to that the transport of steel pipes is much easier.

*If you need more information about cutting the steel pipes, ask our sellers.

Steel pipes – price

Special offer

Gross price

1,97 zł/kg

1,60 zł/kg

excluding tax

Wholesale (TYPE I)

Gross price

2,40 zł/kg

1,95 zł/kg

excluding tax

Wholesale (TYPE II)

Gross price

2.64 zł/kg

2,15 zł/kg

excluding tax



Gross price

2,95 zł/kg

2,40 zł/kg

excluding tax

Steel pipes ‒ characteristics


We offer big and small pipes available in two versions:

  • Black steel pipes,
  • Galvanized steel pipes.

They are made of high quality sheet metal 0,5-8 mm thick. During rolling process we receive steel pipes with a cross section from 15 till 168 mm. They occur in barbells of 6 m or 12 m in length.

Our 2nd grade steel pipes are characterized by:

  • High quality,
  • Bargain price,
  • Barbells of 6m or 12 m in length,
  • Full-fledged profile without certificate.

Steel pipes are perfect for welding and galvanizing. They are made of western materials.



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