Special elements

Special pinewood elements

The Envun company offers different special elements as well:

  • parts of stairs,
  • parts of patio furniture,
  • bed parts,
  • furniture parts and many more.

We also produce parts made of pinewood upon individual customer request.

Woodwork’s products

Woodwork includes glued pinewood products like boards, slats, balks and stiles.
Woodwork’s products are laminated accordingly to their thickness and width. They can also be connected lengthwise. Pinewood products can be available in two versions: solid or not laminated. Our products are available in all sizes, depending from our customers’ requests.
Quality class of our wood depends from product’s purpose.
Our pine woodwork is glued with waterproof glue D4 and Epi Glue.
Product’s humidity: 10% +/-2%.

Combined boards – special elements

Sawn timber/laths/slats

In our offer you can also find products, that we produce at the customer’s request.

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